Niall Warry, 07/05/2015  

Our second demand for 'Real Local Democracy' is probably the one with the most component parts and once implement would we believe greatly improve our democracy giving the people real power to not only to elect the government they chose but also hold their own elected MPs to account during a Parliament.

The basis of the new local authorities would be the counties, cities or the former county boroughs which would become independent legislatures in their own right.

MPs would be proportioned on a county basis with approximately one per 120,000 head of population, which would give us roughly the same number of MPs. There is a good case however for a smaller House of commons in which case one MP per 200,000 might be a better.

The important thing to grasp is that the number of MPs per county would be determined by the total population of the county and so as the population grows or reduces the number of MPs allocated to it rises or falls automatically. This would overcome the current anomaly where the Conservatives need to collect more votes than Labour to get an MP elected and the likes of Nick Clegg could not stand in the way of democracy as he did in the last Parliament.

Finally each county could decide on it s own recall procedures if it chose to do so allowing MPs to be held to account DURING a Parliament and if necessary dismissed.

These are the bread and butter issues of our Agenda and would at last give us, the people,the real local democracy we deserve and need.   


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